Aquadeck is an EVA closed cell foam decking system and is a great alternative to carpet, being warmer and nicer underfoot than a traditional moulded non-slip fibreglass deck.  

Designed for use in the marine environment, Aquadeck is made from UV-resistant EVA closed cell foam that will not absorb water, and improves grip when wet or dry. Aquadeck can be fully customised adding a visually appealing style to boats of any size.  

Aquadeck is applied using 3M 9775WL PSA adhesive which is the best adhesive in the 3M range, for use on either smooth or raised non-slip decking areas.  

Click here to view the colour range. 

Aquadeck cleans easily with warm soapy water and a brush. For stubborn areas, household products can be utilised. Do not use acid-based cleaners. Click here to view the Care & Maintenance. 

For self-fit, contact the Aquadeck team directly, or for installation, contact one of our independent installers, which are listed in here.  

Aquadeck is a good DIY project for people who consider themselves handy. We have several models in our growing library of patterns. Please check our instruction videos which will guide you through all aspects of self-fitting your deck. Installation is straightforward and rewarding. Click here to see our instruction videos. 

The cost of Aquadeck varies depending on the size of the boat, whether you are self-installing or having a professional installation. For an estimate of panel cost for retail customers, click here. For trade or bulk enquiries, please contact us, here.

While Aquadeck is designed to withstand a harsh marine environment, good care is important. Under normal conditions, Aquadeck guarantees to last between 3 to 5 years. If the boat is well kept, a longer life is likely.   

Aquadeck products are warranted to be free from any defects at the time of purchase. The material has a 3 year warranty. 

Thanks to the closed-cell EVA composition, Aquadeck is an insulator. With the exception of extreme heat conditions, it tends to be very comfortable underfoot. 

Aquadeck is a stain-resistant material, however, prompt action with spills will help to keep your deck in prime condition.

Aquadeck product is recognised for keeping pets comfortable and stable on the boat, however, Aquadeck is made from EVA foam so scratch or claws could tear or rip the product. Please note, the material will not absorb water if punctured.  

Yes, we can route and laser-cut logos and text, please click here for further information. 

We also offer a laser engraving service for logos or entire deck designs.

Contact us for more logos or text engraving. 

Aquadeck is designed for a near-permanent installation but can be removed. The best method is to lift one corner, then grip and pull evenly. Stubborn areas and places where the adhesive is left behind may require the application of isopropanol or a suitable glue remover.   

Yes. Aquadeck is supplied using 3M 9775WL adhesive the best adhesive within the 3M range, which is well suited for application on clean prepared non-skid areas.  

We are always looking for new installers worldwide. Get in touch with us here for more details.

Yes, we are able to supply trade and OEM custolmers, with both pre made boat decks as well as flat sheet mats for trade converters. Please click here for more details.