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We seek individuals and companies who have a passion for the marine industry and share the same value of delivering great customer service. If you are good with your hands, like working on boats and with people, if you have a good eye for detail and take pride in your work, then you will probably be a great fit to join our growing network of Aquadeck installers.

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Installer Standards

Aquadeck upholds the highest standards of customer service and quality through our network of installers. We work closely with each installer offering training and support to ensure quality across all aspects of their business, from patterning to fitting. Our customers trust in the best, and we expect nothing less from our installers.

Aquadeck website is there to assist our installers to improving their customers’ experience. Your details will be listed on our installer map, which will help to attract customers to your website.


Aquadeck is fully equipped to be a leading supplier of both pre-cuts decks and EVA foam mats to private, trade and OEM customers throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Equipped with state-of-the-art design technology, our studio effortlessly accepts template patterns in both physical and digital formats.Backed by a cutting-edge production facility outfitted with the latest CNC routers and laser equipment, we ensure precision and quality in every product.


At Aquadeck, we excel in providing premium EVA marine decks and mats to trade professionals, and OEM customers alike. 


Your Premier Marine Decking Solution

Our commitment to excellence means we only use the finest quality UV-stabilised EVA foam, coupled with the very best PSA adhesive that 3M have to offer. 


With Aquadeck, you can be confident that you are supplying your customer with the highest quality EVA decking available on the market.


Where Innovation Meets Excellence

Aquadeck are proud to work closely with our independent installers who we rely on to offer great customer experience.

As an independent Aquadeck installer, you’ll not only provide your customers with top-quality EVA decks but also offer impeccably crafted designs, both routed and lasered. This ensures that your decks stand out as some of the finest in the market.

Join us in embracing the future of marine decking innovation with Aquadeck.

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Aquadeck installers love what they do. Aquadeck offers high-quality marine flooring in the industry for their independent installers. Aquadeck believes in true partnership with installers and will work with each other to ensure success. 

You must be customer serviced focused with good communication skills.

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Potentially yes, as long as the brand is not a direct competitor of Aquadeck.