Why Aquadeck?



At Aquadeck, we excel in providing premium EVA marine decks and mats to boat owners, trade professionals, and OEM customers alike. Equipped with state-of-the-art design technology, our studio effortlessly accepts template patterns in both physical and digital formats.

Backed by a cutting-edge production facility outfitted with the latest CNC routers and laser equipment, we ensure precision and quality in every product.

Whether you're a passionate DIYer or an established boat builder, Aquadeck offers the perfect solution to bring your design to life.



Made to withstand the toughest marine conditions, Aquadeck offers unbeatable comfort, premium performance and durability. Aquadeck outshines the competition with a stunning variety of colours and designs. Along with fast and effortless installation, Aquadeck isn’t just the right choice—it’s the thrilling choice for your boat decking. 


Superior Strength, Ultimate Comfort

Our EVA material uniquely combines lasting durability with exceptional comfort, ideal for marine use. 


If You Can Envision It, We Can Craft It

Leveraging advanced design expertise, our engineers skillfully bring your unique ideas to life. 


Effortless Clean, Every Time

Our advanced EVA foam is designed to repel stains and substances, ensuring easy maintenance and lasting cleanliness. 


Reliable Grip, Whatever the Weather

Our EVA foam’s design boosts traction as it gets wetter, ensuring stable footing in diverse conditions. 


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Trade Supply

We specialise in supplying pre-cut mats and EVA foam panels to trade customers in Europe and throughout the world.​